Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wish List

I pretty much always have a wish list going on. The lists consist of all items, but I tend to add way too many books, clothes, and kitchen items.
During the fall and winter months, the clothing side of the lists grows quite heavy. I lovelovelove buying layer-able clothing. Who doesn't? (OK, probably many people)

Just give me all the tights and all the scarves. All of them.

I recently added these items to the list (and I'm trying to tell myself that I actually don't like them):

Why do I like those boots so much? I've never purchased a pair of Anthropologie shoes. Have any of you had good luck with them?

Boots and Tights: Anthropologie. Scarf: J. Crew


  1. Oh, those boots are CUTE. But...those tights. I love them. Where are they from??