Saturday, March 24, 2012

Time Travel Tuesday - We're So Stilly: Clemily Edition.

These are the Clem sisters.

From left to right, they are Jenny, Sally, and Julie.

They are some of the most wonderful people ever.

(Back story - this picture is kind of my favorite for a couple of reasons. 1) It's hilarious. I mean, duh. 2) Jenny didn't know that Sally and Julie were behind her, and Sally didn't know that Julie was behind her. Surprise! Pretend stabbing everyone!)

We've all spent a great deal of time with each other over the past 9 years, but obviously, some hang-out-sessions have become etched in "Clemily History," and they are referenced often.

One such instance was a Friday evening a few years ago that took place after a long week of school and work for all of us. Somehow the stars aligned, and everything about that evening was perfection.

The month was *September. The year was *2007.

One Friday at 5:00, Sally picked me up.

We drove to Stillwater.

We arrived at Jenny and Julie's house.

We took multiple pictures of us recreating famous monuments (obviously).

Yellow chicken curry was made.

We laughed.

We pretended to be pioneers.

Crème brûlée was made.

Jenny and I army crawled through the living room.

We laughed more.

We went to Third Place (!) and got delicious coffee beverages.

And then we played Skip-Bo.

And I'm pretty sure Julie was confused as to why Jenny and I were insane the entire night.

We also went to pick out a movie, but I don't remember what movie we picked out.

I'm sure it was stupid.

Stupidly awesome, that is.

Now comes the part where you get to enjoy some pictures from that evening.

(One day I will be better at photo collages, but today is not that day)

*Dates may or may not be accurate. As unforgettable as that night was, let's face it - my memory is the worst. All I know is that it took place in Stillwater on a Friday night when we were all still in college, and it was the best.

Friday, March 23, 2012


So, it's been about a month since my last post.
I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize for my delay to my readers.
All 3 of you.

Since it would be a lengthy post to discuss in detail all of the ins and outs of my month,
I will be brief.

Here are some main areas that have been occupying my time since February 29th:

UCO. Yes. Obviously work takes up time. I mean, it's work. Duh. However, it feels like everyone has been saving up their conferences, weddings, wedding tours, meetings, and events so they could all take place between February 1st and May 15th. Cray Cray.

Coldwater Creek. It's true. I've had a second job at Coldwater Creek since the end of January. It's like working at the corner of "middle aged" and "does black go with pink?" but it's been a fun time. The ladies I work with are super, so it all works out!

House Sitting. Yes. It always starts to pick up this time of the year. I house/dog sat for two different people this month. It was only a total of 15 out of 31 days of March, but it makes things hectic! House sitting in the summer is always the best, because pools are involved.

Fever. Sickness was all over the state of Oklahoma this month. It's true. It seems like everyone came down with something un-fun this month. I had a fever of 102.5 for 3 and a half days, so that was fun!

Dumb movies. It's true. My delightful friend Sally and I make it a priority to try and find ridiculous movies to watch. You should try it sometime. It gives you endless material, and you never feel like you've wasted money on the movie, because you know going into it that it will be stupid. Win win!
Here is a taste of a couple of movies we have watched lately.

There you have it, folks. Happy weekend!