Thursday, December 13, 2012

DPP: Day 12

Day 12 (aka 12/12/12):
As I've previously mentioned on this blog, my friend Sally and I love watching stupid movies. We love it even more if the stupid movies have Brendan Fraser in them.
(Seriously, how does he keep getting movie roles?)
We love it even EVEN more if we can eat Ben and Jerry's while watching a stupid movie in which Brendan Fraser is "acting."
So, it's not stretch to say that we were kind of excited when the stars aligned last night, and all of those marvelous occurrences took place.

Lsat night was the first time we watched it with subtitles. Why we have never done this before is beyond me. We learned who characters were, (did you know that the random dude who acompanies them on the trip was the warden?).
Maybe I should open this up for discussion.
Why did the mummy (Imhotep) take the eyes of the guy who had horrible vision? If we use logic (probably our first mistake), wouldn't he have wanted to take the eyes of, oh, say someone who doesn't need glasses? Like, anyone else in the cast?
Why was Imhotep terrified of the cat in the hotel room? Didn't Egyptians love cats?
Did Imhotep fall think Evie was Anak-sun-amun simply because she was the first woman he saw upon being brought back to life? Or was it because she read from the Book of the Dead?
Didn't the ancient Egyptians use scrolls?
What questions do you all have.
Let's hash this out.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DPP: Days 10 and 11

Day 10:
I do my best to not talk about "busy schedules" and "being tired" and all of that other stuff on blogs or other social media outlets, because everyone is busy and everyone is tired, and I never want it to come across like I think I'm the only one with a busy schedule.
Because I'm not, and I understand this fact.
I typically don't think of myself as a person who gets overwhelmed easily.
(I've always abided by the fact that things don't seem as daunting when they're broken down into lists. Wonderful lists. Seriously, lists are the best).
However, even with the help of lists, I've been kind of overwhelmed lately. And I hate (HATE) admitting that.
Anyhow, that was neither here nor there, so now we move on.
(I'm awesome at segues, huh!)
All that to say - I've been working a lot. Yep.
And when I work a lot, that means I go kind of crazy, and I make stupid(er) jokes, and I am (more) ridiculous, and my hair kind of looks like the worst.
OK, I'm done.
Without further ado, here is my very special and creative photo from Day 10.
I call it: Girl with a stupid face.
OR - Girl who has grown impatient of waiting on people to count the registers so she can go home.
Are there any other possible titles I'm overlooking?

Day 11:
Do you know how much I love working on campus? Well, it's a lot.
I love the constant activity, all the energy from the students, being able to walk around a beautiful campus, and the list goes on.
Also - there's a Starbucks in my building. That's reason enough to love my job right there.
Anyhow, on a random trip to the Administration Building to drop off some super important forms (at least, that's what I told myself as I was carrying them) I saw that the fountain had frozen over AND IT WAS THE BEST THING.
I kind of just stared at it for awhile, but then a couple of people looked at me like I was weird, or something, so I moved on.
But why are frozen fountains so cool?
And thus concludes Days 10 and 11. If you made it through that entire rambling mess of a post you are a good person. Thank you for your patience.

Monday, December 10, 2012

DPP: Days 8 and 9

I've come to accept the fact that I will not stay current with blogging the pictures I take each day. I hope you all can forgive me.

Day 8:
I am pretty lazy when it comes to making lunch in the morning. If I decide to "make" lunch in the morning, it usually consists of me throwing 3 cheese slices in my bag in between pouring coffee and throwing on my boots. Occasionally I include some almonds. I mean, go big or go home, right?
Anyhow, in an attempt to not suffer through horrible lunches each day, I try to plan ahead (crazy, I know). So, last Saturday I made a batch of pasta salad, divided it up into multiple containers, and sat back to admire my stash of future lunches.
The rest of my day was filled with working at Coldwater Creek and being stuck in traffic. Hence the picture of pasta.
Can we talk about Quail Springs traffic for a minute? No, we better not. We'd all use language that we would later regret.
(Update: I ended up eating Monday's pasta allotment at 9:30 PM on Saturday when I got home from work. So, I'll be forced to make adjustments. I'm sure you really wanted to know that, huh)

Day 9:
This might just be the way my brain functions, but there is something so overwhemingly beautiful about coming together as a body of believers and singing hymns that have been sung by countless others through the ages. And when those hymns happen to be about the birth of our Savior? Sheesh. I get chills thinking about it.
I can't wait for Christmas Eve!
"Long lay the world in sin and error pining.
Till He appeared, and the soul felt its worth.
A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices,
for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.
Fall on your knees! Oh, hear the angel voices!
O night divine, the night when Christ was born!"

Saturday, December 8, 2012

DPP: Days 5, 6, and 7

Here is another catch-up post. 

Day 5: 
My mom and I have always loved having December birthdays. It's an entire month of pretty lights and celebrations. How could it be better? Since December is all kinds of insane, typically birthdays are celebrated on days that aren't actually your birthday simply because there is a concert/party/event taking place on the actual birthday. 
So, at lunch on the day before my Mom's birthday, my Dad and I went to the house and ate a quick lunch and wished my mother a happy early birthday. We ate and chatted, and then my mother sent us back to work with hot coffee. Hooray! 

Day 6:
Even though I don't send out "real" Christmas cards (you know, the whole "so and so is up to this, this person did that, and I'm working on this!"), I still think it's fun to send snail mail, so why not send out mail at Christmas time? Ps - having Home Alone playing in the background is a wonderful idea if you're going to send out cards. 

Day 7:
On Friday evening, three hilarious ladies joined me for a night of cupcakes, Christmas-light-looking, and being silly. There will be a post on the evening to follow. But, in the meantime, here is a picture of two of the girls running through the tree lined entryway to the Devon building. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Photo Project

You guys. I'm the worst. I've only posted one picture from the December Photo Project on this blog, and I didn't even label it!
Since I'm guessing it doesn't matter too much, here are the missing photos.

Hey, at least it's only December 5th. Maybe I'll be able to catch up soon?

Day 1: Breakfast with the parents
The rest of the breakfast isn't pictured, but my Dad made pumpkin pecan pancakes (yes, please!), and my mom made scramby eggs. Yeah, I know they're not technically called "scramby" eggs, but I still call them that. Oh, and then there were the pineapple slices with brown-sugared bacon on top of them. It took everything in me to not eat that entire plate.

Day 2: Piano and Christmas!
Every year at the beginning of December I say, "Mother. This is the year that we will do a piano duet for fun." You know what happens every year?
We don't do a piano duet.
Lame sauce.
So, I am bound and determined to play one with her this year. Hence the practicing of Christmas tunes.
PS - aren't the covers adorable for the music?
They are my Mom's pieces from when she was in high school.

Day 4: Late night M&Ms
Sometimes I come home from a 15 hour day and Sally, my dear roommate friend, shouts "I put a bowl of M&Ms on the table!" and then the trumpets ring out, and the lion and the lamb begin to play, and the people rejoice!
OK, none of those things happend, with the exception of me rejoicing.
That definitely did happen.
And I took this picture at 12:45 AM, so technically it should be Day 5, but it was still December 4th to me, so I'm just going to let that slide.
And that brings us to Day 5, which I have not taken at this point in time. So, I'm technically still behind. Oh, well.

This is the first year I have done the December Photo Project, and it has been so fun to look through everyone's photos to see a small glimpse into their days and the ways they celebrate the season.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thoughts and Things

It's Tuesday, but I keep thinking it's Wednesday.

It's the month of Christmas! I just thought I'd remind you.

I want to paint my nails tonight, and I want to paint them each a different festive color. Just because I can.

For the life of me, I cannot concentrate today even though I really need to. (Really) Can you tell?

I want all of my friends to be right here with me right now, because I miss them, and they're all the best, and they make things better.

I want a puppy.

I can't decide if I want a sequinny shirt for the holiday season or if that would make me feel like an 80 year old who is trying to be festive.

I think it would be cool if my boss said, "Hey, go home and bake all day. Just take pictures of what you bake and show them to us tomorrow."

I also want a pet tiger. And then I would move to a state where it actually snows, and I would watch my pet tiger play in the snow. I wouldn't have to get out of the way if the tiger was running toward me, because we'd be the best of friends, and he would know that I am his friend and not his next meal.

Since today feels like Wednesday, will tomorrow feel like Tuesday?
This completely random post is brought to you by lack of this and lack of this. And the letter M.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This (Oklahoma) City That I Love

I've lived in the Oklahoma City area for nearly a decade. It's no secret that I struggled for quite some time with allowing myself to love the area. Just when I'd begin to refer to OKC as "home" I'd compare it to my former hometown, and as most of you know, comparisons can be a slippery slope to discontentment.

Moving on - Somewhere in that ten years, and after I got over my stubbornness, I developed a love for OKC. I mean, how could I not?
I am guilty of overlooking OKC's greatness more often than I would like to admit, and I take for granted the fact that I live in such a blossoming hub of entrepreneurial and sports greatness.

There are far too many wonderful local eateries, shops, museums, etc... to list in this one post. Thankfully I have friends who love to explore as much as I do, so I've had the opportunity to visit several of these fine establishments. However, there are so, so many standard OKC standbys that I have never experienced.

Here's where I need your help. I've started compiling a list of local attractions I absolutely need to visit. No more putting it off. PS - if you want to join me in any of these explorations, by all means, please do!
Also, don't judge me too much by the lack of places I have visited. I'm trying!

1) Ice skating downtown (Luckily, 'tis the season!)
2) Big Truck Tacos (I know, I know. It's completely inexcusable that I haven't been here)
3) Mutt's Hot Dogs
4) Iguana's (Again, inexcusable)
5) Cheever's
6) The Wedge
7) Paseo Grill

So, basically it's inexcusable that I haven't been to any of those places, but I'm determined to try them. I will keep you posted on my progress. I'm sure you're thrilled about that!

OK, you guys. Let's hear those recommendations! Aaaand GO!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Forgetfulness - Housesitting Edition

I don't typically consider myself a forgetful person, but for some reason whenever I housesit my brain shuts down during the packing process.
It could have something to do with the fact that I usually "pack" in a 5 minute period of time.
Whatever the reason, I've forgotten some fairly important things.
(PS - That's Missy in the picture above. She likes to survey her empire (aka: yard) when she gets the paper in the morning)

Shoes: Once during the summer, I moved into a house wearing flip flops. I had all my work clothes for the next couple of days, but I had neglected to bring work shoes. That resulted in a trip home at midnight to grab shoes for the duration of the trip.

Makeup: Kind of a necessity for me during the work week. Luckily the absence of said make up was discovered on a Saturday, so I was able to retrieve it prior to Sunday. Hooray!

Socks: Not the end of the world, but my feet were fairly cold for a day.

Mousse: This resulted in a pony tail day.

Shampoo/conditioner: Another pony tail day.

Tights: Again, not the end of the world. Just another one of those, "Seriously, Emily!" moments.

Underwear: that was an interesting day.

Hair dryer: I woke up, took a shower, went to grab my dryer - discovered I'm a loser who forgot something important. I don't like going to work with wet hair, so I finished getting ready then drove across town to my place to get the hair dryer and finish the hair process.
I still got to work early. BOOM!

There have been many, many more items that I have forgotten, but most of them were little things that don't really make a difference in the getting-ready process (earrings, iPad, etc...)

This has nothing to do with anything I just said, but I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, and food! I expect to see many, many delicious food photos in the next week.

Side note: I'm glad that the trees still look like this. I will never get tired of these colors.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Movies of Christmas

Let me just start this out with a disclaimer:
If you are one of those people who does not believe in talking about Christmas, listening to Christmas music, or decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving, then you had best stop reading this post now. Because I intend to discuss my love for all of those things right now.

I've been listening to Christmas music at work for a few weeks now, but last week officially marked the beginning of holiday baking at the homestead, so Christmas music and movies have infiltrated normal life, as well. Last Tuesday I baked a pumpkin cheesecake while listening to the Christmas stylings of Mariah, Amy Grant, Karen Carpenter, and Nat King Cole. If that's not a party, I don't know what is.
Last Thursday I baked gingersnaps, snickerdoodles, and brown sugar cookies while Sleepless in Seattle played in the background.

My family, not unlike the majority of American families, has Christmas movie traditions. We always try to watch at least 3 of these each Christmas season, which for us begins beginning to mid November. We usually get through two while stringing popcorn and cranberries (CHRISTMAS!)

While You Were Sleeping
This isn't technically a Christmas movie, but it starts out during Christmas, so it totally counts.
"Ummm, sir. It's an Express. And it's FAST!"
Pretty sure I had a crush on Jack when I was a young tween.
OK, I might still have a crush on Jack.
I can't list all of the ways I love this movie. There are just too many. My co-worker and I quote this movie throughout the entire year. (Well, we paraphrase: "I'm in an office! And I'm singing!")
Home Alone (1 and 2)
We've probably watched Home Alone 2 more than the first purely based on the fact that we own the 2nd, but that doesn't mean I don't love the 1st installment. I'm sure many people think it's cliche or overly-silly, but I lovelove it.
"Kevin, you're what the French call 'Les Incompetents.'"
Sleepless in Seattle
Here we have another movie that's not really Christmas but kind of is all at the same time. For those of you who don't believe in watching this movie during the Christmas season, I have
three words for you:
"Harses, Harses, Harses."
White Christmas
OK. You guys.
I can't tell you how hard it was for me to pick one image to display for this movie. They are all perfect.
Luckily I was born into a family where a strong love of White Christmas had already been established at the time of my birth.
My childhood Christmas memories are of traveling to my Grandma's house and watching (and quoting and singing and dancing along with) White Christmas with my Grandma, Aunt, Mom, and cousins. One year, two of my younger cousins (guys) won a talent contest by recreating the "Sisters" number as performed by Bing and Danny.
Yeah, we love White Christmas.
And there's no way I could pick one quote from the movie. I would just end up typing out the entire script from beginning to end, and I'll spare you from that.
Remember that one time I told you that I had a hard time picking just one picture from
White Christmas? Well, I settled for two, and that was a struggle.
What are your family's favorite holiday movies?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

That Seems Fair (Word Play!)

For those of you who follow me on FaceTwitterGram, you may have noticed that I went to the Oklahoma State Fair last month with my dearest Sally friend.

Sally and I hadn't been to the fair in years, so we figured it was time to go back so we could partake in fried food/people watching goodness. And we lucked out that Oklahoma decided to turn to Fall and not be 100+ degrees. Thanks, State!

We created a game at the beginning of the night:
"Things That Could Kill You."
It's a really fun game, and I encourage all of you to try it out at least once. The rules are simple, but the rewards are long lasting.
Basically, you just locate any items that could kill you, then you avoid said items, and then you laugh about them. Easy.

So, without further ado, the finalists of TTCKY at the 2012 Oklahoma State Fair:
Grass hill at a 75 degree angle that was covered with cars (Trust me. It was terrifying)
Rusty barb wire separating the cars from the pedestrians
Random wooden spike in the middle of the grass parking section

Those are just the finalists. That list doesn't even include the obvious TTCKY contenders that appear at the fair each year. (For example, the carnival workers, the portable rides, the probable drug dealers, and for long term TTCKY - fried food. Heart disease is no joke)

Also, let's name all of the wonderful State Fair-ish things from this photo:

1) Beautiful, braided rat tail (11:00. Striped shirt)
2) Uber creepy stare from older man (2:00)
3) NASCAR advertisement (above creepy old man)
4) Tube top (behind/beside rat tail)

PS - Funnel cake. The end.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Velma's Cookies

For as long as I can remember, Butter Cookies have been in my mother's baking arsenal.

When I was little, I would use any and all cookie cutters on them. We would make buffalo shaped cookies whenever the Huskers would play Colorado (you know, so we could take a bite of the buffalo when Nebraska would score), pumpkins at Halloween, hearts on Valentine's Day, etc. (I know, I know. We're really original with shapes and their corresponding holidays).
The cookies are simple, yet delicious. I mean, how can you go wrong with butter, sugar, and vanilla mixed together, then baked and topped with buttercream frosting?

Each time we prepared to bake these tasty gems, I would watch my mom pull out the very worn and very loved recipe card that had been written out decades before. My mother got the recipe from her mother who would make them all the time, and my grandmother got the recipe from her friend Velma who lived next door to her in the late 50s/early 60s in Ottumwa, Iowa.
Apparently, my grandma, Georgia, and Velma would go over to each other's houses in the mornings to sip coffee and watch the kids play. They would also lug their irons, ironing boards, and clothes that needed to be ironed to each other's house so they could talk while they ironed. I mean, how cute is that? And in my head, they both wore adorable dresses and pearl necklaces while doing all of those things.

Fast forward a few decades to one night a few months ago when my mom called me to say that she had looked up Velma's information and found out that she still lives near Ottumwa. My mom decided to call Velma to catch up and tell her how much we have loved baking her cookies over all of these years, and they ended up talking for a little over 30 minutes. They've since corresponded via regular mail and phone calls a few times.

Call me over sentimental and over dramatic, but I love thinking about how many people have enjoyed baking and eating those cookies over the years all because of Velma.
According to my mom, Velma got the recipe from her mother, but beyond that we don't know the origins. Seriously, though. I'm guessing that when Velma wrote down the recipe for my grandmother, she wasn't thinking how 50 years from then Georgia's granddaughter would be making them for her friends in a completely different state.

So, thank you, Velma. Your cookies have received much praise and gained many admirers.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wish List

I pretty much always have a wish list going on. The lists consist of all items, but I tend to add way too many books, clothes, and kitchen items.
During the fall and winter months, the clothing side of the lists grows quite heavy. I lovelovelove buying layer-able clothing. Who doesn't? (OK, probably many people)

Just give me all the tights and all the scarves. All of them.

I recently added these items to the list (and I'm trying to tell myself that I actually don't like them):

Why do I like those boots so much? I've never purchased a pair of Anthropologie shoes. Have any of you had good luck with them?

Boots and Tights: Anthropologie. Scarf: J. Crew

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Dearest of Jennies

So, I have the friend named Jenny. 

(what friends don't pose for pictures on condemned bridges in rural Oklahoma?)

I've mentioned her on this blog before, because she's kind of the greatest. 
We like to have fun and be ridiculous. 
For instance - on one of my trips to DC to visit Miss Jenny, we re-enacted could-be moments from Nicolas Cage movies. (Mainly the National Treasures)
(We had just found a really important clue, but as soon as Jenny tried to grab it, the lion statue started to move due to a trap that Benjamin Franklin placed inside the statue (because he loved lions. And America))

Anyhow, her birthday was on Monday, so I decided to dedicate a post to her today. 
I know what you're thinking: "Umm, if her birthday was on Monday, why are you just now writing a post about her?" 
Well, because I wanted to spread the birthday joy around.

Back to Jenny. 
I've known Jenny for almost 10 years (which is just insane). She introduced me to Cafe Good Stuff, Downton Abbey, and DC. She used to carry a pocket Constitution with her wherever she went. She will always quote Anne of Green Gables, You've Got Mail, and The Devil Wears Prada with me. 
I've visited her in DC three times, met up with her in NYC one time, and we've spent countless hours being ridiculous/chatting/talking/dreaming/all of the above.

Fun fact: Jenny and I pretty much think and do the exact same things at the exact same time. 
It never fails. 

It happens with everything. We'll say the same thing at the same time. We both purchased new purple Essie nail polish on the same day without knowing it. 
One time, when on completely separate trips, we both booked the same flight from Houston to OKC. And those examples are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Final picture: shredding on Guitar Hero. Because, duh.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Catching Up

It has officially been over a month since my last blog post. How did September come and go so quickly? 
I really just don't understand.
Do you want to know all of the awesome things I accomplished while I was away from Bloggerville? Perfect, I shall tell you.
First, I vacationed in Croatia with Andy Cohen, then I started up season 2 of my talk show, and then - oh, wait. That's Anderson Cooper. Not me. I always get our lives mixed up. You know, because we're both Vanderbilts.

Anyhow. I have been busy, but not in the same adventurous ways as good ol' Anderson. 

Do you think Anderson watched any of these movies in the past month? 
Psh. Doubt it.

And Anderson only wishes that he got to attend this awesome one-year-old's 1st birthday party.

OK, so Anderson did probably beat me in the "overall awesome" category, but did he really? 
Let's face it, we're probably neck and neck.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

To Whom It May Concern

Dear August,

As usual, you were one crazy month. However, you remain one of my favorite months. You bring the return of routine, the anticipation of fall things, and school.

Dear Breaking Bad,
You were interesting in the beginning, but then you weren't. But now you're kind of getting interesting again. I'm currently watching season 3, and here are some thoughts:
I love those Mexican cousins, I want to punch Skyler in the face, and I want to hang out with Pinkman. Yo.

Dear Football,
I love you. There's no other way to say it. I am glad you're back.

Dear Random Sorority Girl,
I can only assume that when you asked if I was the mother of another sorority girl that you are just horrible at judging people's ages. I'm going to guess that you think that 12 year olds look 32. And that 50 year olds look 103.
I just hope that you are never the witness to a crime.
"Yeah, officer. The guy was like 9 feet tall and probably around 97 years old."
They will be searching for a non-existent anciet giant for years.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Travel Dreaming: Africa

My goal in life is to just continually travel the globe, so if anyone has any amazing ideas on how to make that a possibility, let me know.
Until then, I'll just keep compiling "dream lists" so that I know where to go when a ton of money falls into my lap.

I've been obsessed with Egypt since I was a small child. I would pour over my mom's old National Geographic magazines and look for anything Egypt related. It's also a dream of mine to come face to face with a lion in the wild. And since it's a dream, the lion would curl up at my feet and pur while I pet its mane.
Look at his face. He wouldn't hurt anyone.

Without further ado, here are the places that I would most like to visit in Africa:

The Pyramids at Giza
Tombs, tunnels, ancient everything. Sign me up.

Victoria Falls
Gorgeous, right? However, I will neverevereverever swim in the pool area on top of the falls. Who was the first person that was like, "hey, let's see if there's a spot on top of this gigantic waterfall where we don't plunge to our death?" How much trouble shooting went into that? "Well, that obviously wasn't the spot..."

Mount Kilimanjaro
Stunning. And how awesome would it be at a mountain that has giraffes around it?

The colors. The markets. The architecture.
I just want to spend a month there and soak in everything.

Cape Town
I'd be lying if I said that one of the main reasons I want to visit this city is so that I can go on a Great White shark tour.
Oh, and it's gorgeous.

I'm sure there are countless places in Africa that are incredible and breathtaking, so that is why you should tell me what places I need to add to my list. Have any of you visited Africa?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Things

There are a few things that always make me happy. Like, when they happen, I just want to freeze time and soak in the moment.
Well, two of those things happened on the same day for me,
and it was almost too much to handle.

First came the car wash.
It had been a long day. A very long day. It was 10:00 at night (still 105 outside), and I still had to go to the house where I was staying, feed a dog, water a bunch of plants, and respond to some messages. Not the worst thing in the world, but for some reason, I just wanted to collapse on the couch and watch one of my guilty pleasures (read: The Real Housewives of NJ). But as I was pumping gas, I thought, "Duh." (OK, I think that a lot, but this time it was more of a "eureka!" type of duh).
A car wash.
That's what I/my car needed.

Aren't they just the best? They're so refreshing.

OK, so after I left the car wash and was pleasantly singing along to the radio with my new found zest for the evening, I remembered that I still had to bake cookies for something that was taking place the next day.
I love baking cookies, but I still just wanted to collapse on a couch and watch The Real Housewives of NJ. (I know, I know. Feel free to judge. I know it's ridiculous)

I finally snapped out of my inner pity party and got down to business.
This might sound really stupid, but I love the form of packed brown sugar. It always just looks happy, and it means that wonderful things are being created.
Also, when you get to smash it up, well, that's fun, too.

Like I said, it might sound really stupid, but it's a small joys.

What are your small joys?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm a Sucker for a Theme Party

Anyone who has spent more than one hour with me knows that I love theme parties.
I mean, what's not to love? You get to dress up, bake food, eat food, and hang out with awesome people with a theme.
It's just the best.
My friends and I have had some incredible parties, if I do say so myself.

Michael Jackson Day, Harry Potter Day, 80's Night, Waiting For Guffman Night, 90's Night, Back to School, Mardi Gras, Oscar parties, Zelda Day, 30 Rock Day, and Ron Swanson Night just to name a few.

Jo and I used to host X-Files Marathons, but unfortunately those took place before the day I got a digital camera. But, the names speak for themselves: X-Mas Files (at Christmas), HeX-Files (at Halloween), ThanX-Files (at Thanksgiving), MeX-Files (for Cinco de Mayo), Eggs-Files (at Easter). I feel like there were more, but my memory is already fading.

I am currently dying to have a Mad Men night. Who doesn't want to dress up like Joan and have a bunch of Don Drapers walking around?

So, who's coming to Mad Men night?