Thursday, December 13, 2012

DPP: Day 12

Day 12 (aka 12/12/12):
As I've previously mentioned on this blog, my friend Sally and I love watching stupid movies. We love it even more if the stupid movies have Brendan Fraser in them.
(Seriously, how does he keep getting movie roles?)
We love it even EVEN more if we can eat Ben and Jerry's while watching a stupid movie in which Brendan Fraser is "acting."
So, it's not stretch to say that we were kind of excited when the stars aligned last night, and all of those marvelous occurrences took place.

Lsat night was the first time we watched it with subtitles. Why we have never done this before is beyond me. We learned who characters were, (did you know that the random dude who acompanies them on the trip was the warden?).
Maybe I should open this up for discussion.
Why did the mummy (Imhotep) take the eyes of the guy who had horrible vision? If we use logic (probably our first mistake), wouldn't he have wanted to take the eyes of, oh, say someone who doesn't need glasses? Like, anyone else in the cast?
Why was Imhotep terrified of the cat in the hotel room? Didn't Egyptians love cats?
Did Imhotep fall think Evie was Anak-sun-amun simply because she was the first woman he saw upon being brought back to life? Or was it because she read from the Book of the Dead?
Didn't the ancient Egyptians use scrolls?
What questions do you all have.
Let's hash this out.

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