Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Photo Project

You guys. I'm the worst. I've only posted one picture from the December Photo Project on this blog, and I didn't even label it!
Since I'm guessing it doesn't matter too much, here are the missing photos.

Hey, at least it's only December 5th. Maybe I'll be able to catch up soon?

Day 1: Breakfast with the parents
The rest of the breakfast isn't pictured, but my Dad made pumpkin pecan pancakes (yes, please!), and my mom made scramby eggs. Yeah, I know they're not technically called "scramby" eggs, but I still call them that. Oh, and then there were the pineapple slices with brown-sugared bacon on top of them. It took everything in me to not eat that entire plate.

Day 2: Piano and Christmas!
Every year at the beginning of December I say, "Mother. This is the year that we will do a piano duet for fun." You know what happens every year?
We don't do a piano duet.
Lame sauce.
So, I am bound and determined to play one with her this year. Hence the practicing of Christmas tunes.
PS - aren't the covers adorable for the music?
They are my Mom's pieces from when she was in high school.

Day 4: Late night M&Ms
Sometimes I come home from a 15 hour day and Sally, my dear roommate friend, shouts "I put a bowl of M&Ms on the table!" and then the trumpets ring out, and the lion and the lamb begin to play, and the people rejoice!
OK, none of those things happend, with the exception of me rejoicing.
That definitely did happen.
And I took this picture at 12:45 AM, so technically it should be Day 5, but it was still December 4th to me, so I'm just going to let that slide.
And that brings us to Day 5, which I have not taken at this point in time. So, I'm technically still behind. Oh, well.

This is the first year I have done the December Photo Project, and it has been so fun to look through everyone's photos to see a small glimpse into their days and the ways they celebrate the season.


  1. I've loved every single one of your pics so far! They make me feel all cozy and Christmasy. :)

    Any plans to come back to the Good Life soon?

    AND! I'm trying my hardest to make Allen be proactive about this whole planning a 10 year class reunion thing.

    1. Haha I'm glad Jo and I have you in our corner for reunion planning. Still in denial that it's been 10 years.
      I want to make a trip to NE this month, but we shall see! I will DEF want to see you guys if I make it up there!