Thursday, August 30, 2012

Travel Dreaming: Africa

My goal in life is to just continually travel the globe, so if anyone has any amazing ideas on how to make that a possibility, let me know.
Until then, I'll just keep compiling "dream lists" so that I know where to go when a ton of money falls into my lap.

I've been obsessed with Egypt since I was a small child. I would pour over my mom's old National Geographic magazines and look for anything Egypt related. It's also a dream of mine to come face to face with a lion in the wild. And since it's a dream, the lion would curl up at my feet and pur while I pet its mane.
Look at his face. He wouldn't hurt anyone.

Without further ado, here are the places that I would most like to visit in Africa:

The Pyramids at Giza
Tombs, tunnels, ancient everything. Sign me up.

Victoria Falls
Gorgeous, right? However, I will neverevereverever swim in the pool area on top of the falls. Who was the first person that was like, "hey, let's see if there's a spot on top of this gigantic waterfall where we don't plunge to our death?" How much trouble shooting went into that? "Well, that obviously wasn't the spot..."

Mount Kilimanjaro
Stunning. And how awesome would it be at a mountain that has giraffes around it?

The colors. The markets. The architecture.
I just want to spend a month there and soak in everything.

Cape Town
I'd be lying if I said that one of the main reasons I want to visit this city is so that I can go on a Great White shark tour.
Oh, and it's gorgeous.

I'm sure there are countless places in Africa that are incredible and breathtaking, so that is why you should tell me what places I need to add to my list. Have any of you visited Africa?


  1. I....want to jump on a plane. These all sound a-MAZING. The lion, MOROCCO, ancient tombs, giraffes. I want to go to there. P.S., I laughed a few times during this post.

  2. You love Egypt too??? How did I not know this!

    1. Laura! We're such kindred spirits! Let's go to Egypt and talk about serial killers on the flight over. Hahaha

  3. these are amazing place to visit!if only i were a jumper....