Friday, August 10, 2012

Apparently I'm Predictable

Either I’m the most predictable person in the world or my friends just know me very, very well. Or maybe I just have very specific interests. Or maybe I talk too much?It’s probably a combination of all of those things.

If Anne of Green Gables (or Gone With the Wind. Or You’ve Got Mail) is on TV, at least one person will text me which channel it’s on.

If something happened with Jay-Z, Beyonce, or Kanye, I will inevitably receive a handful of tweets/Facebook posts/texts about whatever happened.
I’m always notified if there have been more shark attacks than usual, or there was a crocodile attack, or they found a man-eating lion (basically, anything apex predator related).

If a documentary about a serial killer is on TV, I’ll get at least one text telling me to turn on the TV.
It’s kind of the best thing ever. I suppose I do the same thing to my friends when something reminds me of them. It all works out.
What pop culture/newsworthy items do you get texts and alerts from friends about?

Update: I literally just received some picture texts from my parents of some sharks they just saw get reeled in off the coast of St. Simon’s Island, GA. They know me well.

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