Monday, August 6, 2012

Dreaming of Fall-ish Things

It never fails. It’s always around this time of year that I start craving the beginning of school and all that comes with it.

Summer is grand, it’s true. But the beginning of the school year / entrance to autumn is just, in my opinion, the best time of year.

School supplies, schedules, books, football, tights (!), boots (!!), scarves (!!!), baking (the exclamation points are endless). The list goes on.

Granted, the weather won’t start cooling down until November, but I’ll take what I can get.

Let's all dream about keeping sipping coffee with the windows open.

Also, I'm a huge sucker for elbow pads.

If it was acceptable to have them on every sweater, I would.

And, this is totally on my fall "to-bake" list. Snickerdoodle cake.

What is your favorite part of fall? Or, what isn't your favorite part of fall?


  1. Is there anything not to like about fall? Maybe the only bad thing about fall is that it means you have to wait a whole year until the next fall. Other than that, I too and looking forward to coffee in the open air, scarves, boots, tights, sweaters, jackets, the smell of the air, the trees, and special friends who should come visit....

  2. Pumpkin flavored things = YUM. Except for pumpkin spice lattes. But everything else pumpkin...yes, please.

  3. Scaaaarves! I live in denial of the fact that scarves are out of season during the summer -- this is how much I love fall. Is there anyone who doesn't love fall? They need to be sued. This was a wonderful list that has left me loathing this weather even more than before. Faaaaall...

    Oh, and my favorite part of fall is dressing in light layers (and that there are more possible outfit-combinations). When bulky coats are unnecessary, but a cardigan is just right. Constant coziness.