Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm a Sucker for a Theme Party

Anyone who has spent more than one hour with me knows that I love theme parties.
I mean, what's not to love? You get to dress up, bake food, eat food, and hang out with awesome people with a theme.
It's just the best.
My friends and I have had some incredible parties, if I do say so myself.

Michael Jackson Day, Harry Potter Day, 80's Night, Waiting For Guffman Night, 90's Night, Back to School, Mardi Gras, Oscar parties, Zelda Day, 30 Rock Day, and Ron Swanson Night just to name a few.

Jo and I used to host X-Files Marathons, but unfortunately those took place before the day I got a digital camera. But, the names speak for themselves: X-Mas Files (at Christmas), HeX-Files (at Halloween), ThanX-Files (at Thanksgiving), MeX-Files (for Cinco de Mayo), Eggs-Files (at Easter). I feel like there were more, but my memory is already fading.

I am currently dying to have a Mad Men night. Who doesn't want to dress up like Joan and have a bunch of Don Drapers walking around?

So, who's coming to Mad Men night?


  1. IIIIIIIIIIIIII aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.

  2. I thoroughly approved of this blog. Except for the lack of MJ Day photos. :)

  3. I'm coming!!!! Wait. Excuse me. *in Joan-voice* It would be my pleasure.

  4. why the hell wasn't I invited to Harry Potter Day. HUH