Monday, November 19, 2012

Movies of Christmas

Let me just start this out with a disclaimer:
If you are one of those people who does not believe in talking about Christmas, listening to Christmas music, or decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving, then you had best stop reading this post now. Because I intend to discuss my love for all of those things right now.

I've been listening to Christmas music at work for a few weeks now, but last week officially marked the beginning of holiday baking at the homestead, so Christmas music and movies have infiltrated normal life, as well. Last Tuesday I baked a pumpkin cheesecake while listening to the Christmas stylings of Mariah, Amy Grant, Karen Carpenter, and Nat King Cole. If that's not a party, I don't know what is.
Last Thursday I baked gingersnaps, snickerdoodles, and brown sugar cookies while Sleepless in Seattle played in the background.

My family, not unlike the majority of American families, has Christmas movie traditions. We always try to watch at least 3 of these each Christmas season, which for us begins beginning to mid November. We usually get through two while stringing popcorn and cranberries (CHRISTMAS!)

While You Were Sleeping
This isn't technically a Christmas movie, but it starts out during Christmas, so it totally counts.
"Ummm, sir. It's an Express. And it's FAST!"
Pretty sure I had a crush on Jack when I was a young tween.
OK, I might still have a crush on Jack.
I can't list all of the ways I love this movie. There are just too many. My co-worker and I quote this movie throughout the entire year. (Well, we paraphrase: "I'm in an office! And I'm singing!")
Home Alone (1 and 2)
We've probably watched Home Alone 2 more than the first purely based on the fact that we own the 2nd, but that doesn't mean I don't love the 1st installment. I'm sure many people think it's cliche or overly-silly, but I lovelove it.
"Kevin, you're what the French call 'Les Incompetents.'"
Sleepless in Seattle
Here we have another movie that's not really Christmas but kind of is all at the same time. For those of you who don't believe in watching this movie during the Christmas season, I have
three words for you:
"Harses, Harses, Harses."
White Christmas
OK. You guys.
I can't tell you how hard it was for me to pick one image to display for this movie. They are all perfect.
Luckily I was born into a family where a strong love of White Christmas had already been established at the time of my birth.
My childhood Christmas memories are of traveling to my Grandma's house and watching (and quoting and singing and dancing along with) White Christmas with my Grandma, Aunt, Mom, and cousins. One year, two of my younger cousins (guys) won a talent contest by recreating the "Sisters" number as performed by Bing and Danny.
Yeah, we love White Christmas.
And there's no way I could pick one quote from the movie. I would just end up typing out the entire script from beginning to end, and I'll spare you from that.
Remember that one time I told you that I had a hard time picking just one picture from
White Christmas? Well, I settled for two, and that was a struggle.
What are your family's favorite holiday movies?

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