Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall To-Do List: Update!

It has been a little over a month since I posted my fall to-do list on the blog. How is it already November 4th?? Like, for real.

- Watch You've Got Mail
Done! It was just me, Joe, Kathleen, Frank, New York in the fall, and the candle that was flickering in the background.

- Carve pumpkins
Done! Jenna and Maddie (aka: 2 of the coolest peeps ever) came over to show off their amazing carving skills. I was put to shame, but it was still a blast!

- Exploratory drive (to discover colors and wonderful fall things!)
This needs to happen quickly. The colors this year have been so gorgeous!

- Picnic with friends (as opposed to by myself)
Done! It was with Sally in Stillwater, and it's as if the universe knew we had planned a picnic for that day, because the weather was beyond perfect. It doesn't get much better than being outside in the fall, in my opinion.

- Run a 5K
I still need to sign up for one. Which one should I sign up for? Is anyone running one in the near future?

- Go to brunch somewhere
I am usually busy with church stuff on Sundays from 7:00 AM to 12:30 PM. It's not fun. If church people tell you that being at church that long each and every week is fun, they are lying. Don't get me started on this topic.
I digress.
I went to brunch at West with my friend BreAnne this past Sunday. I had never been there before, so I also got to knock off a restaurant on my list of places I need to eat in OKC. Two birds, one brunch!
Oh, and mimosas, am I right?

- Meander around a farmers market
Haven't even attempted, yet. There's still time!

- Braid my hair
OK, I've done this twice, but I have failed to go out in public with a braid. Once was just a pathetic attempt at a side braid that I took a picture of and texted my friend to get myself used to the idea of wearing a braid, the second attempt was just me in front of my mirror trying to do one of those braid headband things. I'm still baffled at how people can braid their own hair and make it look good. This is not my spiritual gift, obviously.

I've given myself until Thanksgiving to accomplish these items, so hopefully I'll get my act together before then. We shall see!

And because no blog post can be without pictures, here they be:

 ^ Heisenberg!^

Me and Jenna!

Delicious brunch.

Octopus plates! Brie! Wine!

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