Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Few Weeks In Review

We've lucked out with some glorious rainy weather. It looks like we'll be heading back to the typical 100+ weather soon. Oh, joy!

Since the Thunder made it to the Finals (still can't get over that), the University I work for had Thunder Days where the employees could dress up in Thunder gear. My co-worker and I gabbed some Westbrook/Durant frames and some official (not really) NBA microphones, and had some fun at our office press conference. We're ridiculous.

My mom and visited my grandparents in MO over this past weekend. It's always a fun time that consists of thrift store shopping, homemade ice cream eating, farm exploring, and Christmas music listening (no matter what month it is). They live next to some Amish communities, so we got to see some oats stacked the old fashioned way.
We also got to pick blackberries from my Grandpa's farm. They were delicious.

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Just so you know, blackberries.. are my second favorite fruit. just so you know.

    1. Well, the next time you're in MO, you'll just have to grab a few fresh ones!

  2. Love the post girl! Lost your blog and then found it again! - been following you for a while now, would love it if you became a bloggy friend of mine so i could find you again easier!


  3. Those are some beautiful photos. My husband and I wanted the Thunder to win some bad, we were so sad when they lost :(

  4. Nice.