Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Does anyone remember that blog?

I recently mentioned it in passing at work, and my co-workers had never heard of it.

And they're white.

I was greatly confused.

Obviously, I did the correct thing, and I forwarded my office-mate several links to things that white people like.

Surprise, she also liked those things.

It's time for my very first blog challenge.

Is that a thing?

It is now.

The person to point out the most white things from these pictures wins a prize.

It will be an awesome prize.

Once I figure out what the prize is, I'll let you know.

Any guesses?

Also, tomorrow is Friday, which is a wonderful thing.


  1. Iphone bumper
    Onion Newspaper
    white Tennis shoes
    White tshirt in the background of the Frisbee photo
    White sign on the right side of the wall in the frisbee photo
    There's the occasional white in the floral pattern of your scarf
    Whites of your friends eyes in the first photo

    So things that actually aren't white:

    Skin color (because hey you aren't an albino)
    The sidewalk. Despite the glare we all know sidewalks aren't white

  2. Bangs, scarves, t-shirts, shorts, Apple products, ultimate frisbee, making other people feel bad about not going outside, big sunglasses, The Onion.

    I saw that list. And I'm about as white as they get!

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  4. You could also argue that the girls are acting offended and that their earrings and/or scarves are vintage.

  5. - Apple Product
    - Girls with bangs
    - The Onion
    - Scarves
    - Cardigans
    - Superiority complexes
    - Mountainous regions
    - Lo-fi athleticism (frisbee)

  6. Everyone else beat me to it, so I am just gonna say the white skin.

  7. I totally have this one!!!! And by the way....a blog challenge is the greatest idea I have ever heard!!!!!

    1.) Scarf
    2.) Frisby Golf
    3.) Large Sunglasses
    4.) Colorado
    5.) Newspaper
    6.) Apple product
    7.) Knee brace
    8.) The "oh please" look on your faces
    9.) There is only 3 dudes hanging out together instead of 10-15
    10.) The "OMG! I can't believe it's not ORGANIC" look

    Do I win?!?!?! By the way...do white people like games? Cause this is really fun!