Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tornado? Bake a Pie!

I've lived in the midwest for the majority of my life. The plains have a beauty unto themselves, especially during storm season. There are few things more awe-inspiring than seeing a storm roll toward you.

In Oklahoma, people go crazy about storms. There are drinking games for local weather
reporters. Other local reporters have special wardrobes they only wear during inclement weather. Probably the most famous of our reporters, Gary England, has even been lucky enough to be a part of national clips such as this. There are even clips of him in Twister.
Oh, the fame.

(abrupt segue)

Since storms tend to bring with them cooler air, gloomy clouds,
and an all around sense of excitement, my favorite thing to do during a storm is take cover? FALSE.
It's bake!
Yep. Bake.

Yesterday's storm seemed like the best day to bake a pie. And an apple pie seemed to fit with the All-American-ness that is a tornado. I love making pies.
Love it.

Before and after!

And then I had a piece for breakfast with a mug of coffee.

Who wants to come over and help me finish it? There's coffee, too!

PS - Thanks to my mother for the new pie dish (!) and for letting me borrow her apple peeler/corer/slicer (!!). It's a life changing device. Truly.


  1. I want to help you finish it, I really, really, do!!

    Also, go hide when there is a tornado. ...baking, bah-humbug.

    (I'm sorry for including "baking" and "bah-humbug" in the same sentence, but it was too fitting)

  2. I want to! I want to! Me!!! Me!!

  3. That pie is the most beautiful pie I have ever seen in my entire pie life! REAL APPLES....I love you.

  4. ~I believe in the power of pie ~

  5. Replies
    1. I think you had too much fun commenting. "Steal yourself, it's time for pie!"

  6. Emily, I am seriously impressed with your pie skills. Did you know...I have never made a pie. I have made a strawberry tart, and that is the closest thing. Why haven't I ever made a pie??? I do not know. I love pies. I can't make one with fruit though (Eric is weird), or else I will have to eat the whole thing myself. Like I did with the strawberry tart.