Sunday, April 15, 2012

Travel Dreaming: USA

Usually around this time of year I start compiling all of the places that I'll visit during the upcoming summer months. Since the farthest place I'll probably travel this summer is Stillwater, OK, I figured I'd compile my dream vacation list.

In no particular order:

Savannah, GA
I mean. How could you not want to go there? The South. History. Food. Spanish moss. I dream of leisurely walking along Oak-lined streets and sipping sweet tea on a rickety front porch.

The Grand Canyon
Some of you may ask why someone who is deathly afraid of heights would want to visit the grand canyon. To them I would say, I'll look from a safe distance.

Seattle, WA
A super chill city where everyone is addicted to coffee? Yeah, I'll visit that place. I'd also like to thank "Sleepless in Seattle" for making me want to visit this city long before I truly understood why I wanted to visit this city.

Denali National Park - Alaska
I want to see all of Alaska. All of it. But since that is probably not going to be an option any time soon (or ever) I will settle for Denali National Park. Mountains, lakes, and hopefully grizzly bears. You heard me.

New Orleans, LA
This is the only location on this list that I have previously visited. I want to eat more beignets while overlooking the Mississippi. Next time I go, I will be taking a swamp tour on one of those crazy boats. I can only hope that my tour guide's name will be Jimmy Bob and that he will only have two teeth.

Yellowstone National Park
I can only hope that I would see a grizzly bear attack something
(hopefully not me or another human (unless they were a bad guy))

San Francisco, CA
Duh. I mean, duh.
I've been to San Diego and L.A., but never San Fran, and that needs to be remedied. And, yes. I will sing the Full House theme song while driving over the Golden Gate bridge.

Las Vegas, NV
Cliche? Probably. Trashy? Most definitely. Necessary? I think so.

Bryce Canyon National Park
So gorgeous. Rumor has it that there are horseback rides you can take through the park. Ummm. Yep. Going to do that.

Everglades National Park
Any place that has a road called Alligator Alley is definitely on my "to visit" list.

There you have it. My current dream US destinations. Have you all been to any of these places? Where should I go next? Who's going with me?!


  1. when my friends kayla and lindsay went to san fran, they took pictures in front of the Full House house and named the facebook album "whatever happened to predictability".

    ps - i finally remembered you have a blog!

    1. Kayla and Lindsay sound like the coolest people ever.


  3. Being your co-worker and all and based on this blog post, I can only assume you will be taking a lot of time off this summer! :-)

    Is this assumption correct?

    1. In my dreams I would, but you'll probably still see me around the office a lot this summer.

  4. I just wanted to say, thank you. Thank you for this daily bloggy blog blog. It fills my world with wonders and inspires my day. It's a bloggy blog world.

  5. Sooooooooooooooooo.. come visit me I will take you to the Grand Canyon, Bryce & Vegas. It's all within two hours. you're welcome. you're welcome.

    1. Ummm. So jealous of your proximity to those places.

  6. I love the influence of tv shows in your destination choices! Of the places you mention, I have only been to Savannah! Can we go to at least three places together?

    1. A thousand times yes! We MUST go at least 3 of these places together. I will figure out later how that will be possible.

  7. I'll go back to New Orleans with you sometime! And I totally want to go on the swamp tour. And, could we pretty please go back to the creepy cemetery where we saw the ghost cat of Marie What's Her Face? We can eat beignets whilst we call, "Here, kitty, kitty, voodoo kitty!"

    1. Yes! Let's go back to the creepy cemetery! And, yeah. I want a beignet in my hands wherever we go in New Orleans.